A Couple of Notes

I feel like I’ve neglected this baby over the last month or so. It’s all been a terrible whirlwind of a month really. I’ve started a TEFL Certification through U of T and started two jobs, one old and one new. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I want and what I need. I’ve also been blessed to spend many a night over drinks talking to those I love about the world and all its wonders and wearies.

All of this has led me to some changes. I decided to change the name I blog under, first and I think most importantly. Bearcat is a 1920’s slangterm for a hot-blooded, fiery woman. Boo, as many of you know is a nickname my mum coined. She recently posted this article to me on Facebook, which gave me all the happy vibes. The tagline under the title is actually drawn from the article, so hats of to Janne Robinson for being such a doll.

I will certainly keep blogging, though I may expand my repertoire a little, and decrease my frequency without beating myself up over it. The weather is far too nice to spend hunched over a computer when I could be spending it on a yoga mat in ‘Wild Child’ pose in the sun!


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