Total Sorority Move has never been known for being particularly socially aware, but this tweet pushes things over the edge. I have three major issues with this. First, #blacklivesmatter is something that I can’t stand to see mocked, especially by a group that is generally known for being elitist and racist. Second, being blackout drunk shouldn’t be a punchline as it is a problem both from a standpoint of alcoholism and personal safety. Lastly, as many have already pointed out in the comments, Greek culture is already fighting for its reputation and things like this only dig the grave deeper.

I cannot sit here furiously typing on my phone and pretend that I am the pinnacle of an ally to people of colour. I can guarantee you I have said and thought racist things in my life. I grew up in a rural town in southern Ontario where the only visible minorities were cookie cutter stereotypes, much like the cookie cutter subdivision housing many of my classmates grew up in. When I came to university, my biggest fear was that because of this, was that I was inherently racist. I do my best to educate myself on the issue so that I can challenge it when I see it. I know that these attitudes can be unlearned and I am doing my best to unpack my privilege.

Making a punchline out of being blackout drunk is something I also can’t take kindly too. Regardless of the identities you prescribe to yourself, this is a dangerous state to be in. This could be a whole article in and of itself.

Greek life has a serious problem with its reputation. Being a member of a sorority, I hate to admit that this reputation is completely warranted. I was blessed to be a part of a chapter where racism was not tolerated. We had members representing a wide variety of racial backgrounds. As VP of Communications I wrote to headquarters about our outrage that another chapter would not extend bids to incredible potential new members on the basis that their racist alumnae threatened to halt funding to the chapter if the gave bids to black girls. When I joined Pi Beta Phi I pledged to uphold values like honour and respect, integrity and sincere friendship. I couldn’t imagine how that could permit for me to treat another human being as less than me based on the colour of their skin. With TSM tweeting this kind of garbage it paints us all with the same racist brush. How can we expect the good done by so many of us if one of our prominent media representations keeps up this image? I understand that every chapter is different, but I can’t see how anyone could back this. I’m so proud to wear my letters, but tweets like this make me less proud to call myself Greek.


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