Hello all! My name is Katee Brough (sounds like ‘rough’ with a B), I’m a recent graduate of the University of Guelph as a psychology and political science double major. Within those majors I focused on developmental and social psychology as well as international politics and human rights.

This blog is my attempt at making sense of the things that get to me. I’ve been accused of caring too much a number of times. To that I say why not? Someone out there has to care, and I personally think the more people that care the better off we are. If this all seems a little off the cuff that’s why.

I’m mostly interested in writing about feminist topics, that being said my feminism is highly intersectional so this is a broad net to cast. I’m an aspiring traveller as well as a professional foodie (I only add professional because I work in the hospitality industry.) So those things may wander their way into the blog from time to time as well.

I’ve recently had people send me articles for my review, information, or fuel to my work. I LOVE THIS and hope it keeps up. I hope I can provide you with something of interest, maybe challenge your ideas a little.

Thank you and hope you keep reading 🙂


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